Introducing BrokerCentral Insurance Software

Introducing BrokerCentral Insurance Software

We've just launched the official BrokerCentral promo video on Youtube which can be viewed here: Watch video on Youtube

Introducing BrokerCentral. The platform that makes it easier and quicker for busy insurance brokers to place and manage commercial risks.

BrokerCentral combines all of the systems and processes needed to power your brokerage:

a powerful CRM, dynamic e-placement and efficient management tools - making it easier and quicker to do your job, from start to finish.

BrokerCentral’s integrated CRM allows you to register incoming opportunities and assign them to your team.

Search from a list of over 2000 business descriptions and see products from carriers, matched to your client’s specific needs. Whether they require simple or more niche coverage, BrokerCentral can find products that work.

The platform is dynamic and reacts to the information you provide. Only relevant questions that have been specifically asked by your chosen carriers will be displayed, and any duplicates are removed. This means you only fill out one form for multiple insurance products.

Then, each of your carriers receives a dynamic digital presentation that contains the data needed to underwrite your risk. This reduces requests for additional information; and means you get a quote, quicker.

And what if your insurer only accepts submissions through their portal? We’ve got that covered too. BrokerCentral’s Browser Extension automatically fills out lengthy forms; on any carrier portal.

You can mix and match coverage between various insurers, creating a truly bespoke insurance solution for your client.

Beautiful, engaging insurance documents are created on the fly and issued from within the platform.

BrokerCentral also includes additional management tools; like reporting, claims management, finance and mid term adjustments.

And when it comes around to renewal time, BrokerCentral automatically reminds you, so that you can prepare to impress the client... again.

If you're not satisfied with the old and inefficient ways of doing business, then discover more about BrokerCentral on our website, and book a demo today.

Broker Central by Nuworks: Taking the endurance out of insurance

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Introducing BrokerCentral Insurance Software