Powerful software for Insurance Brokers

BrokerCentral combines all of the features and functionality that you'll need to power your business, all within one platform. Every aspect has been crafted to make it easier and quicker for you to place and manage commercial risks:

BrokerCentral, our insurance broking software is designed to help brokers reduce costs and increase profitability. It's built on the premise that brokers spend too much time doing things manually and not enough time focusing on bringing in new business. By automating these processes, brokers can free up time to focus on other areas of the business.

Nuworks’ software has been developed to save precious time by automating the entire proposal process. It's built on a centralised modern platform which removes the inefficiencies of manual, repetitive tasks. This results in a streamlined workflow, saving you time and money whilst providing excellent customer service. It’s the winning formula!

Our expert application enables brokers to manage all aspects of the business through a single interface. This includes managing customer relationships, quoting products, placing risks and providing analytics to enable you to make smarter business decisions – all on one powerful platform.

BrokerCentral is a software platform that can handle all broking aspects of a business. From automating risk data into multiple insurer portals, to intelligent quote optimisation, enabling you to mix and match coverage between several insurers.

Our all-in-one platform offers a range of services to help brokers manage their business. We provide a single point of access to multiple insurance markets. Our innovative technology allows us to provide you with a brand new efficient broking experience, all whilst maintaining the highest level of security.

Get more done, in less time...

BrokerCentral combines many of the tasks often carried out by multiple software applications and automates repetitive processes, meaning you can dramatically speed up the process of getting a proposal out to your client.

Simple SME Risk

33% time saved

Advanced/Niche Risk

55% time saved
*Based on bench-marking research conducted with brokers in 2021

All under one roof

A powerful CRM, back-office, e-placement and document manager. You won't need anything else.

Increased Efficiency

Intelligent, preemptive decision making and automation, saving you time in your day for the more important things.

Client Satisfaction

Provide superior proposals and keep your clients happy. Stand out by going the extra mile, without the extra effort.

Valuable Insights

Useful data about your clients, insurers and team at your fingertips.

No Installation

Our cloud-based micro-service architecture means you have nothing to install, update or back up.

Logical Design

A beautiful and logical interface, allowing you to flow naturally between screens. No extensive training required.

Advanced Features

Product Library

Finding suitable products that match your client’s specific requirements can take time, particularly when dealing with more niche or complex risks. The platform comes loaded with an extensive library of products from a wide range of whole-market providers. Simply, enter a business description and some basic information to find products from a range of providers, tailored to your client’s needs.

Advanced e-Placement & Automation

BrokerCentral’s dynamic risk capture forms adapt depending on the type of cover and panel of insurers selected. Only relevant questions are asked and only one form needs to be completed in order to automate risk information into multiple insurers/providers. Generate and send risk presentations or automate data entry, directly into insurer portals.

Quote Optimisation

Studies have shown that providing a level of choice to an insurance client can dramatically increase the likelihood of conversion. Our platform includes unique ‘Mixing Deck’ technology, which enables brokers to mix and match coverages from multiple insurers into one package. Our quote optimiser can automatically create options for you based on the best price, coverage or commission. Create multiple options for your client to choose from and go the extra mile, without the extra effort.

Document Production

Why do insurance documents have to look so boring? Brokers are required to provide clients with documentation, but often this is a missed marketing opportunity! Our BrokerCentral software allows you to create documents with all the usual legal bits, but also with added brand awareness, marketing messaging and cross-sells. We work with you to create a highly customised, beautiful document layout that increases the chances of converting your prospect.

CRM & Client Management

We offer an industry leading CRM system, which allows users to track customers' interactions with the business. It provides a suite of tools for managing customers and prospects. The broker central platform allows brokers to manage their clients’ files efficiently and effectively. It enables them to store all relevant information about their clients in one place, making it easy to access when required. This ensures that there is no need to search through multiple documents and folders to find the right information. Having a secure, paperless file management platform is crucial.

Insurer & Agency Management

Keeping track of all of the TOBAs, commission rates, contacts and notes relating to your panel of insurers can be a challenge! BrokerCentral provides brokers with an easy way to store and manage all important information relating to the insurers you deal with, from one central location.

Audit & Compliance

Our insurance broking software provides a range of insurance products and services to help our clients manage their risk and protect their business. The technology can automatically link to the government financial sanctions lists and credit checks. Full checks can be carried out before a proposal is sent. Proof of search is attached to your client’s record for future audit purposes.

Accounts & Billing

Within the BrokerCentral accounts and billing module, brokers can issue client invoices, track payments and reconcile accounts against insurer statements. The platform provides an easy way to manage your brokerage’s finances. Additionally, BrokerCentral’s included reporting features allow you to stay up to date with the financial performance of your business.

Reporting & Analytics

Knowledge is power. BrokerCentral comes pre-packaged with a section of tools and dashboards, allowing you to re-gain full visibility of your business and make rapid, data-led decisions.


The BrokerCentral platform integrates directly with third-party services (such as Companies House, DVLA, Sanctions Search, G Suite and Microsoft 365) with ease. Our tools allow you to gain additional and enriched information about your clients, plus the ability to automate, processes and streamline operations.

Compare BrokerCentral

Feature Manual Spreadsheets Competitor/Legacy Software
Client File Management / CRM

Manage interactions between a business and customers in order to provide the best service possible.


The analytics surrounding every customer, so you can make sure you’re constantly improving.

Data Security

An encrypted cloud-based platform with regular security checks so all your information is kept confidential.

Integrate with existing email system

Combatable with all email systems so the broker, the client and BrokerCentral are always in the loop.

Accounts & back-office Functionality

Create and issue invoices, track payments and reconcile insurer statements.

Remove need for specilist/IT staff

No technical or IT skill required to manage software/spreadsheets, install software updates or manage servers and infrastructure.

Unlimited Risk adressess / Vehicles

Allow quoting for multiple risk addresses and vehicles without a cap/limit.

Make simple updates to documents and forms

Easily customisable template engine, so you can take control of your outgoing documents.

Easy access to whole insurance market

Access quotes from the whole market, not just a software house's selected or preferred panel.

Manage Agency Agreements/TOBAs

Keep track of all information relating to a brokerage’s panel of insurers. For example, TOBA agreements, commission levels, contacts and internal notes.

Send out customer-focused, bespoke documentation

Customer-focused, tailored documents showing 5-star professionalism (not just standard templates with a logo at the top!)

Efficiently source quotes for Niche/Complex risks

Automated quote requests into ANY niche insurer/MGAs.

Mix and Match coverage between multiple insurers

Provide a client with multiple inurance options made up of the best coverage available, not just a packaged policy from a single insurer.

Work from anywhere with an internet connection

Cloud-based technology giving you the ability to work efficiently, even when you’re out and about.

Cross-sell complimentary products and services

Easily highlight additional covers or services to your client.

Integration with Broker Website

Turn your website into a lead generating machine! Integrate a web form into your website which feeds data directly back into the software.

Short on-boarding time and minimal training required

Intuitive user interface requiring little or no training. No need for specialist software trainers (or a degree in computer science!)


Simple, Transparent.

Unlike many Insurance Broker Software providers, we don't try to "size you up" before deciding on how much we'd like to charge. We also don’t charge for every little feature or update. We aim to keep our pricing fair, transparent and competitive.

£85 per user/month

An all inclusive price which includes everything you need to power your brokerage:

All BrokerCentral features

Data migration from existing software

User Onboarding and Training

Bespoke Document Design

Unlimited support and access to Broker Priority Programme

Join the Priority Programme

We're making great strides in changing the Broker Software game, but we know we can't do it by ourselves. We're looking for like-minded entrepreneurial brokers who are tired of the old and inefficient ways of doing business and want to help to bring something new to the broking community. The BrokerCentral platform is designed and shaped by brokers, and by joining an elite group of business leaders within the Priority Programme, you'll benefit from the following:

You'll have a voice

We want the platform to be the very best it can be. As our priority client, you will benefit from the current features of the platform and help to shape its future. You will have direct access to our development team who will use your feedback and insights to continually improve the platform.

Low Cost for Life

At the extremely competitive price of £85 per user, per month, this will be your fixed price for the duration of your time as a client!

Priority Support

Whatever assistance you may need, we will be on hand to help.

Regular Catch Ups

We will organise meetings with you as often as you may need.

Additional Services

If you need extra support for your business, we can provide efficient digital services, from websites, SEO and graphic design. We're invested in seeing your business flourish.

We are constantly improving to ensure Nuworks perfectly caters for you and your business. If you'd like to find out how you can join the Priorty Programme, please get in touch with us to book in an exploratory meeting.

*Prices correct as of November 2022 and valid for a limited time only. Pricing based on users per month and excludes VAT. Paid plans subject to minimum contract period.

Return on investment

Calculate your return on investment

BrokerCentral can save your brokerage time and help you to bring in more income.

We've provided a handy tool to allow you to see the savings and profit you could make.

Please Note: this is just a guide, although we've kept our calculations fairly modest based on the lowest averages - you could see even better ROI!

How many brokers are in your organisation?
How many proposals does a broker produce, per week?
What is your current proposal conversion rate?
What is your average premium size?
What is your average commission rate?
Without BrokerCentral With BrokerCentral Increase
Quotes per month 800 1040 240
Average Commission £100 £100 £0
Conversion Rate 50% 60% 10%
Total Earnings £40,000 £62,400 £22,400
Increase in sales (per month): £22,400
Total Licence Costs (per month): £850
Total Return on Investment (per month): £21,550


Thank you for your interest in BrokerCentral. We have spent the last 18+ months refining the platform with a select number of early adopters. We will be launching the product to the wider market early in 2023. We are inviting a limited number of businesses to exclusively access the full version of the platform ahead of this launch date via our Broker Priority Programme. If you are interested in trialing the platform, or just wish to be kept updated about the the development of BrokerCentral, please get in touch.

We provide telephone and email support during the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. We aim to respond to support emails within 30mins of receipt during these hours.

Unlike other widely-used insurance broker software applications, BrokerCentral is a very intuitive and simple to use platform. Extensive training shouldn't be required. For all new clients on paid plans, we provide a complementary on-boarding service where we will offer training and guidance to you and your team before rollout. Of course, we will be here to help with any questions you may have as part of our ongoing support plan.

Yes! Our team are very experienced with complex data migrations and can provide migration services from your existing software into BrokerCentral. Please speak to us about your requirements.

Yes. We take the security of our platform and its data very seriously. We utilise data encryption methods and user authentication throughout the platform. Our servers are hosted in secure UK data centres which feature enhanced physical and network security. We use a data security partner to conduct regular penetration tests on the platform to ensure that it is always safe from potential ‘hacks’. We can provide a spec sheet of our security measures upon request.

No. BrokerCentral acts as a conduit between you (the broker) and the insurance carrier. As well as providing tools to help you to do your job more efficiently, we display carrier products that we feel may be relevant to the risk you are looking to insure. The platform compiles the facts that you provide and sends them on to your chosen insurers to underwrite.

For maximum efficiency, it would be better to complete all tasks on one system, however we recognise that this is not always possible/desirable. We provide an Application Programming Interface (API) which will allow you to stream data in and out of BrokerCentral to other software systems of your choosing. You may need to ask for help from your current software providers to set up these links, but we would be more than happy to provide advice and assistance where possible.

Yes. We know that brokers often have preferred carriers. Brokers can set up a 'favourite' list which ensures that their preferred providers are displayed at the top of any results.

BrokerCentral comes with an agency management tool which allows you to store TOBAs and record the carriers you work with. Any placement suggestions will include carriers that you don’t have an agency with, but will be clearly marked to indicate this. This is useful in showing suitable products that you may not have been aware of. It will be the broker’s responsibility to arrange an agency agreement with any carrier you wish to work with before requesting quotes via the platform.

No. Carriers who provide quotes can only see information/data that is applicable to them.

We know that several insurance providers insist on brokers using their online portals and will not accept emailed presentations. We have developed a companion application (included with all paid plans) that integrates with your web browser and automates the entry of data from BrokerCentral into these platforms with just a few clicks, saving you a significant amount of time vs manually entering the data by hand.

Yes, all plans require at minimum of 12months commitment. The first two weeks of your term are allocated as a trial period where, if you are not happy for any reason, you are free to leave,without penalty.

Still need more information? Chat to us.

We'd love to hear from you if you have any more questions about BrokerCentral. Please get in touch with a member of our team today.