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Powerful software for Insurance Brokers.

Helping you to simplify and speed up the placement and management of Commercial Risks.

Start with a Trade, not a Trade-off.

Broker Central makes it easier and quicker to place and manage risks.

Effort vs Reward

You want to give your clients the very best service and the most comprehensive quote, but so much time is spent finding markets, filling out proposal forms (on various systems/portals) and putting together documents, that the effort vs reward just doesn't stack up. Sound Familiar? Many brokers are faced with a trade-off between providing top class service and turning a profit. BrokerCentral allows you to regain control of both by removing the inefficiency of manual, repetitive tasks and multiple, disparate systems.

Designed to save you (lots of) time

Every part of the platform has been crafted with efficiency in mind. BrokerCentral adapts to the data you provide at each stage of the proposal process. Start by choosing from over 2000 trades and let the platform provide recommendations for the type of cover to offer and where best to place it. The platform dynamically displays only the relevant questions that your selected carriers need to underwrite the risk. Most insurers don't need to know if a Hairdresser works from height, so unlike other broker software platforms, we don't ask!

Centralised Technology

BrokerCentral combines a powerful e-placement solution with an industry leading Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and Back-office functionality to provide unrivaled efficiency within your workflows. No more switching between multiple systems to get your work done.

All under one roof

A powerful CRM, back-office, e-placement and document manager. You won't need anything else.

Increased Efficiency

Intelligent, preemptive decision making and automation, saving you time in your day for the more important things.

Client Satisfaction

Provide superior proposals and keep your clients happy. Stand out by going the extra mile, without the extra effort.

Valuable Insights

Useful data about your clients, insurers and team at your fingertips.

No Installation

Our cloud-based micro-service architecture means you have nothing to install, update or back up.

Logical Design

A beautiful and logical interface, allowing you to flow naturally between screens. No extensive training required.

Filling out too many forms? Hate it? Automate it.

Stop repeating yourself!

When placing commercial risks, insurers tend to ask (mostly) the same questions but in slightly different ways and require submissions in different formats. This presents a problem! You need to fill out several different proposal forms or log into several different portals to get the job done, and this takes time.

BrokerCentral combines all of the questions that your chosen carriers need to know into one dynamic question set. Duplicate questions are filtered out and similar questions are standardised meaning you only have to answer once. If the insurers don't ask, neither does BrokerCentral.

When you submit the form through the BrokerCentral platform, each of your carriers will receive the information that they need in a format that works for them, cutting out the underwriter's requests for additional information and removing the guess work from manual presentations.

You can keep track of progress as a quote request is viewed by an underwriter and sent back with a decision. BrokerCentral maintains the 'human touch' by providing instant message capabilities, allowing you to chat with your underwriter while they have your risk information in front of them, all from within the BrokerCentral software.

More time in your day...

Brokers who switch to using BrokerCentral instead of existing, manual processes when placing commercial risks can expect significant time savings:

Simple SME Risk

33% time saved

Advanced/Niche Risk

55% time saved
*Based on bench-marking research conducted with brokers in 2021

BrokerCentral removes the need for repetitive re-keying of data and automates processes such as document production and presentation builds, meaning less switching between different systems and carrier portals. This results in a significant time saving to the broker.

The engine room of your brokerage...

BrokerCentral combines all of the features and functionality that you'll need to power your business, all within one platform. Every aspect has been crafted to make it easier and quicker for you to place and manage commercial risks:

Product Library

The platform comes ready-mapped with a library of carrier products, representing the wider market. Enter a trade and some basic information to find products, tailored to your client's needs. Discover new products and spend less time searching around.

Advanced e-Placement

Provide your client with a truly bespoke proposal from multiple carrier quotes. Send automated quote requests to carriers, directly from BrokerCentral and use our integrated live chat to discuss the case with an underwriter in real time.

Bespoke Quote Mixing

Our 'Mixing Deck' technology allows you to easily create truly bespoke options for your client by mixing and combining coverage options from multiple carriers into one packaged solution. Go the extra mile, without the extra effort.

Document Production

Give your client a tailored 'Proposal Pack' with a mixture of documentation, allowing them to make an informed decision about their insurance options. Our Template engine gives you full control over the look, feel and content of your outgoing documents.

CRM & Back-office

Industry leading CRM platform which integrates into your website and existing workflows. Register your incoming opportunities and nurture leads into paying policy holders. Back-office features to manage accounts, claims and agency TOBAs.

Audit & Compliance

Our technology can automatically link to the Government Financial Sanctions lists and Credit Checks. Full checks can be carried out before a proposal is sent. Proof of search is attached to your client’s record for future audit purposes.


Out of the box, the BrokerCentral platform integrates with third-party services (including Companies House, CreditSafe and Microsoft 365) to enhance your productivity.

Case & File Management

Having a secure, paperless file management platform is crucial. Within BrokerCentral, all data and documentation relating to your client, their coverage and all insurer interactions are securely stored and presented in a clear format.

Reports, Data & API

Create custom reports, export relevant data or use our API to stream data from the platform into third-party software. From linking systems together or making critical business decisions, BrokerCentral gives you the power to use data to your advantage.

There's even more to BrokerCentral. Seeing is believing.

BrokerCentral can truly transform your brokerage. Rather than us telling you how, why not see for yourself? Click on the button below to see an overview of the platform, or book a demo and one of our team will arrange an in-depth, personalised demonstration with you.


Thank you for your interest in BrokerCentral. We will be launching the product to the wider market in May 2022. We are inviting a limited number of businesses to trial the full version of the platform ahead of this launch date. If you are interested in trialing the platform, or just wish to be kept updated about the the development of BrokerCentral, please register your interest by clicking on one of the "Register your interest" buttons on this page and one of our team will be in touch.

For all paid plans, we provide telephone and email support during the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. We aim to respond to support emails within 30mins of receipt during these hours. We provide basic email support only for our free plan and response times may vary.

Unlike other widely-used insurance broker software applications, BrokerCentral is a very intuitive and simple to use platform. Extensive training shouldn't be required. For all new clients on paid plans, we provide a complementary on-boarding service where we will offer training and guidance to you and your team before rollout. Of course, we will be here to help with any questions you may have as part of our ongoing support plan.

Yes! Our team are very experienced with complex data migrations and can provide migration services from your existing software into BrokerCentral. Please speak to us about your requirements.

Yes. We take the security of our platform and its data very seriously. We utilise data encryption methods and user authentication throughout the platform. Our servers are hosted in secure UK data centres which feature enhanced physical and network security. We use a data security partner to conduct regular penetration tests on the platform to ensure that it is always safe from potential ‘hacks’. We can provide a spec sheet of our security measures upon request.

No. BrokerCentral acts as a conduit between you (the broker) and the insurance carrier. As well as providing tools to help you to do your job more efficiently, we display carrier products that we feel may be relevant to the risk you are looking to insure. The platform compiles the facts that you provide and sends them on to your chosen insurers to underwrite.

For maximum efficiency, it would be better to complete all tasks on one system, however we recognise that this is not always possible/desirable. We provide an Application Programming Interface (API) which will allow you to stream data in and out of BrokerCentral to other software systems of your choosing. You may need to ask for help from your current software providers to set up these links, but we would be more than happy to provide advice and assistance where possible.

Larger organisations often require dedicated support resources and have particular data and enterprise-level technology requirements. We like to get to know about you and your business first so that we can provide the very best service for a price that matches your budget and needs.

Yes. We know that brokers often have preferred carriers. Brokers can set up a 'favourite' list which ensures that their preferred carriers are displayed at the top of any results.

BrokerCentral comes with an agency management tool which allows you to store TOBAs and record the carriers you work with. Any placement suggestions will include carriers that you don’t have an agency with, but will be clearly marked to indicate this. This is useful in showing suitable products that you may not have been aware of. It will be the broker’s responsibility to arrange an agency agreement with any carrier you wish to work with before requesting quotes via the platform.

No. Carriers who provide quotes can only see information/data that is applicable to them.

We know that several larger carriers insist on brokers using their online portals and will not accept emailed presentations. We have developed a companion application (included with all paid plans) that integrates with your web browser and automates the entry of data from BrokerCentral into these platforms with just a few clicks, saving you a significant amount of time vs manually entering the data by hand.

Still need more information? Chat to us.

We'd love to hear from you if you have any more questions about BrokerCentral. Please get in touch with a member of our team today.